Tofu scrambles will save the world!

I have started this venture, to be honest, as a means of putting off studying for my Spanish test tomorrow. Summer school is hard core!

Anyway… like all good young adults, I have no idea what I’m doing with myself and am trying to figure out which direction I’d like to go after I graduate. I love cooking, reading about food, nutrition, vegetarianism, and writing, so I figured I would try combining it all in this blog and see where it goes! For me, nutrition, cooking, eating, and social/environmental consciousness all go hand in hand. I would like this view to carry over into my blog, and hopefully it can become more than just another food blog and be more of a DIY-lifestyle blog. Whether I’m cooking myself a healthy meal instead of buying expensive pre-packaged crapola (not that this doesn’t happen from time to time), refurbishing a coffee table from a dumpster, or making a new dress out of a thrift store find, I view all of these things as living in a way that is more responsible, less wasteful, and less dependent on corporations and capitalism! And on top of all of that, it feels GREAT to do things for yourself! Those punks with their DIY attitude were definitely on to something. Maybe one or two people out there in the cyberverse (you know, the internets – a series of tubes) will find what I do interesting.


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