Crazy Delicious Gyros at the Chicago Diner

I know that every veg food blogger and their mother has already paid tribute to the great all-vegetarian Chicago Diner, but after two fantastic experiences I couldn’t resist adding my praise to the peanut gallery. I made the trip to Chicago twice recently, once to see Manchester United play with my footy-obsessed family, and another time to go to Lollapalooza and stalk Alex Turner with my sister.

The first time I ordered the appetizer nachos with vegan cheese and sour cream. Having been sadly disappointed with my recent Daiya cheddar quesadilla experiment at home, I was pleasantly surprised to find their “dairy” products smooth and realistic tasting.

Chicago Diner nachos. So tasty I didn't get a photo myself.

The second time I enjoyed the seitan gyro, which blew my mind! Loyal Mpls patrons of Hard Times may be offended, but this blew their version out of the water! I was actually a little unsettled at how closely the seitan’s flavor was to real meat.

Pictured here is the gyro salad, not the regular gyro itself. But take a look at how thinly sliced the seitan is! Exquisite.

If you are still not persuaded to check it out next time you find yourself in Chicago, here are my top reasons:

1. Quick service. While there is most likely going to be a wait for a seat at this popular restaurant, once you are seated, the food comes flying out of the kitchen at lightning speed!

2. Best fake dairy products. From my nacho cheeze and sour cream, to the whipped cream on my chai latte, it was all rich and satisfying.

3. Delectable drinks. I helped my self to some of my fellow diners’ bloody marys both times, and YUM. Bonus points for garnishing with a pickle. My iced chai was also amazing with aforementioned whipped cream.

4. Every omni satisfied. I came here with my parents, siblings, and cousin, and while I was the only vegetarian, everyone loved their food. Bring your family here and sneakily end up sparing some livestock.

5. It’s an excuse to go to Boystown. You should probably go there anyway, might as well eat at the Chicago Diner!

The Chicago Diner is located at 3411 N. Halsted, Chicago IL.

All photos from the Chicago Diner online menu.


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