Why I Love Plan B Coffeehouse

Plan B Coffeehouse is a delightful cafe at 2717 Hennepin Ave in Uptown Minneapolis. After moving a few blocks over, I finally decided to try out this little gem and it is quickly becoming my new fave. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how the actual coffee is, because I am not a huge coffee fan. Wait until this semester’s finals kick in and then ask me. Until then, this is what I love about this fine establishment:

1. No extra charge for soymilk! So go ahead! Add that baby to a smoothie, latte, chai, coffee, whatever! I have a habit of forgetting to ask for soy instead of regular milk, but here I always seem to remember, because I get so excited that it’s free (yep, I am all about saving 50 cents).

2. Tofurky sandwiches. This is a rarity. Standard veggie sandwiches at coffeehouses usually consist of hummus, some sprouts, and a few cucumbers, which, while a tasty snack, is not super satisfying in the hunger department. Tofurky and veggies make for more filling brain food.

3. Real fruit smoothies. This may not sound like a tall order, but the cafe I used to work at used concentrated pre-mix in a box for smoothies and you can definitely taste the difference. Here, you can take your pick of frozen fruit mixed with soy milk, yogurt, or juice.

4. The picnic table on the back porch. It’s a fine setting for pretending to do homework.

File:Spock performing Vulcan salute.jpg

Keep it up, Plan B. I salute you. Vulcan salute.


2 responses to “Why I Love Plan B Coffeehouse

  1. I’ve been to a bunch of “yuppie” coffee shops in Malibu and Oceanside, and I have yet to find one that can touch Starbucks in terms of taste and service. Do you ever go to Starbucks, or have you heard about one of their board of directors members taking off the head of an antelope at 300 yards?


    (I think I got my profile info straightened out FINALLY!)

    • What’s this about an antelope?? I tend to only have Starbucks at airports. I think I still have my crazy Australian ex-boss’s voice in my head from the last coffee shop I worked at bitching about how Starbucks/Caribou were watered down, had crappy espresso, etc. I don’t really know if that’s true though since I’ve never tried anything but chai and regular lattes from there.

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