Killing Bugs and Cleaning Bowls

Easy Fruit Fly Traps

Earlier this fall I had a bit of a fruit fly problem. I’m sure it originally stemmed from my gross pile of dirty dishes that I was too busy to wash (back when I was insane and worked two jobs), but even after washing dishes, I just could not seem to get rid of the buggers! I turned to the almighty Internet and found a number of natural solutions for getting rid of the flies.

I started by pouring apple cider vinegar into two jars and microwaving for about 25 seconds. Heating the vinegar is supposed to make the smell more potent (fruit flies are attracted to the fermentation). Then I covered with plastic wrap and poked some holes in the top. The poor flies could get in, but not out.

My cider jars, candles, and incense are ready for some fly trapping!

This method was a huge success! It was basically a fruit fly genocide. Yes, I felt bad. But I had SO MANY FLIES. I am sorry, flies, but I had to think of my sanity a little bit. It was getting really gross.

Bye bye, flies!

I also read online that  the smoke from lit candles and incense drives away fruit flies. I tried this as well, and I can’t really attest to its effectiveness as I had my apple cider vinegar traps going at the same time. It’s worth a try!

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

When I moved into my apartment last summer and needed to spruce up the place, I didn’t want to buy any cleaning products with harmful synthetic chemicals. In place of bleach, I have been using a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and regular white vinegar to clean my counters, toilet, shower, etc. During the fruit fly invasion, I had also let my bathroom go to hell, and I was really skeptical that just peroxide and vinegar would do the trick on my toilet bowl. I just dumped in a bit of vinegar, a bit of peroxide, scrubbed with my toilet brush, and it was all clean!

I apologize for the terrible photobooth pictures. My camera isn't working, sadly.

So cheap, so easy, so non-toxic. Household cleaners can be a lot more harmful than people think, leaching into storm drains, contaminating groundwater and other bodies of water. Luckily, making your own cleaning products is not difficult! I suggest reading more at Bonzai Aphrodite, where Sayward has a ton of information and recipes. Scroll down to the “Home” section.


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