I Have Not Jumped Ship

Despite my ridiculous lack of posts since November, I sincerely do plan on keeping this blog alive. I’ve just hit a few bumps in the road. You see, I’ve been busy graduating from college, sitting around in an unemployed, lethargic, post-graduate daze, snapping out of said daze, and finally starting a new job. On top of that, my camera decided to quit working. All of my beautiful food pictures from the holidays are on my sister’s camera, and I still need to figure that out. And while my brother has been kind enough to give me his old camera to use, its cord is nowhere to be found. So while I have been cooking and photographing some awesome things, they are momentarily trapped. I need to get on the ebay and buy a cord.

Whiny, whine, whine, are those enough excuses for you? No?

But seriously, I am slowly becoming accustomed to waking up, getting dressed, and GOING TO WORK every day like the rest of the world, so hopefully my ability to function as a productive human being will improve. I mean, I’ve got some really great things to say about quinoa and peanut sauce and stuff. So hold your horses while I get my shit together. It’s gonna be great.


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