Holidaze Part 1: Thanksgiving

My sister and I usually like to find lots of recipes to bring home for Thanksgiving, but I think we were too dead from office drollness and college stress to think of anything this year. My mom thankfully found some great recipes in places I never would have thought to look, such as WebMD?? I don’t know why that’s so funny to me, but it is. I was also very proud of my parents for buying pretty much all of our Thanksgiving vegetables from the Urbana Farmers Market. My dad has been reading a moldy old copy of Diet for a Small Planet he found in our garage, which I think set him off on a local food binge. And so, I took pictures of produce, we drank, we cooked, and all was well.

Sweet potaters, waiting to be tossed into a quinoa dish.

Beautiful greens

Sweet potatoes, quinoa, and collards

Onions 'n' such for mashed potatoes! My mom even made them vegan for me.

Wild rice

Roasted cauliflower with blue cheese, pine nuts, and green onions. Uh-mazing.




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