When I’m Not Cooking…

Isles Bun & Coffee

Famous for Puppy Dog Tails (freshly baked cinnamon twists with homemade frosting), this tiny Uptown spot also has a plethora of other baked goods, including one vegan scone option daily. Fresh orange juice and a choice of soy or almond milk for coffees is also a draw.

I enjoyed my puppy dog tail and lingonberry muffin with a banana and tea in my Sue mug. Good morning!

Get your carb on at 1424 West 28th Street, Minneapolis.

Pizza Luce

In an attempt to not eat cheese, not leave my apartment, and yet still spend less than I would on a vegan pizza, I have recently taken to ordering vegan sandwiches from Pizza Luce Uptown. The meatball sub is pretty good, but really heavy and filling. I enjoyed it, but it also made my tummy feel overindulged (I have a small tummy). Thus, I decided to give the Mock Muffeleta a try since I was already a fan of the Rustler pizza (both are topped with mock duck and BBQ sauce. I’m in love). It was OMNOMNOM. Recommended. You can order online and not have to speak to people until the delivery person arrives!

Mock Mufeletta with "rinotta" and my messy kitchen. P.S. This picture sucks, and I don't care.

Seward Cafe

I blame their weird hours for me never making it over there when I actually had school every day on the West Bank, but that’s a poor excuse. Shit is delicious! My family went on Presidents Day, when they were only serving their breakfast menu. I really wanted to try the TLT sandwich, but I think this may have been a blessing in disguise, because their breakfast is so good.  I got the Hashbrown Supreme minus the cheddar (grilled onion, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and toast) with a glass of vegetable juice. Everything we ordered was great, and the coffee was pretty good, too. Even though we ambled in less than an hour before close (as a food service person, I felt bad), the counter server was still incredibly nice and friendly. I can’t wait to go back.

Fresh fruit smoothie with apple juice.

Veganized Hashbrown Supreme: minus cheddar and butter.

Seward Cafe is collectively run. Visit these people! 2129 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, 7am – 3pm M – F, 8am – 4pm Sat / Sun.


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