Run for Your Rights


I’m going to do this, and I urge all runners/walkers in the Minneapolis area to join me! I was casually looking for a 5k to enter in order to force myself to start running regularly again, and when I saw this, I signed up right away. It’s a bit sooner that I would like, and I’m sure my competitive nature will not be happy with my race time. That doesn’t really matter, though, because it is for such an important cause. Sexism is very much alive and well in the U.S. (Rush Limbaugh, anyone?), and the recent attacks on reproductive health are just one facet of the problem. I’m hoping that my small contribution will help this organization spread awareness and continue to fight for my rights. I am also hoping that this small action will inspire me to get involved in activism again. I have definitely been tuning out the world in a big way since I graduated, but this is such a positive way to get involved again. If anyone feels so inclined, they can donate to the organization through my page.

Any small amount is greatly appreciated. Better yet, you can register to run here!


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