I like buying food that other people make for me

Seward Co-op

How I wish the Wedge had a hot bar/salad bar like Seward Co-op’s! I have a fond place in my heart for the Wedge, but sometimes, I just want to pile a bunch of organic lentils, spinach, mushrooms, potatoes and whatnot on my plate willy nilly, call it dinner, and sit down and eat it right then and there. Plus, I never feel awkward camping out with a book and eating dinner alone there (I am, after all, excellent company). I don’t quite remember what this plate was, but I believe it consists of half a spinach/mixed greens salad with sprouts, mushrooms and homemade Goddess dressing, and a half plate of abunchofotherveganstuff. It was good.

Hard Times Cafe

Last weekend, I pretended to still be in college/be really cool and go hang out at Hard Times to eat potatoes and read my book about punk rawk. It was nice to push away the real world. The Peasant Potatoes (which I always get when I need to carb out) weren’t as great as usual – although they’re usually nothing AMAZing… I just like potatoes a whole lot. My other breakfast stand-by is the vegan biscuits and gravy, which you cannot go wrong with. Next time I go, I’m gonna try the vegan migas.

A mug of orange juice and Peasant Potatoes (hash browns, cauliflower, and broccoli with hot sauce, ketchup, and nutritional yeast).

Common Roots Cafe

I have recently taken to going to Common Roots, grabbing an iced soy Red Eye Chai (chai w/ espresso), sitting outside, and reading. Their patio is great, and the tables on the sidewalk are nice and warm in the sun. I also recently tried their new latkes (not vegan). They were pretty good, but I somehow still prefer the boxed latke mix. There’s usually a good vegan dessert option, and this day, I got a vegan berry tart with my chai, which was delicious. It even felt like it was healthy, but I was probably kidding myself.

Cupcake from the Wedge

I got a vegan raspberry chocolate cupcake from the Wedge last week. It was real good.

Another tip for you: French Meadow has some new spring menu items, including the vegan gnocchi, which is awesome. They also have a really good vegan berry tart with a chocolate crust. I have no pictures, but trust me.

Just a note: You may have noticed that I am sometimes good at choosing vegan food and sometimes not. I don’t know why I won’t just jump on the wagon wholeheartedly, but it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t feel good about eating dairy (not to mention that it makes my nose/throat snotty), but I’m not going to pretend like I don’t do it, thus all the talk of vegan foods on this blog despite the occasional non-vegan item. I have to keep reminding myself that eating more thoughtfully is not an all or nothing deal. Every bit helps, and every time I abstain from animal products, I feel good! Thoughts?


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