I should probably just admit to myself that I am pretty much an anarchist. I have become so unaccepting of any positions of “authority” or “status” that I can only come to that conclusion. The customer-server relationship becomes especially imbued with a false sense of hierarchy in the mind of the customer in the case of the privileged downtown businessman/woman (but mostly man). To some, because I am on the other side of the counter, I can be barked at and asked to perform tasks that apparently merit neither verbal thanks nor tips (I don’t expect a tip for every transaction, but the clearly-loaded multi-visit-a-day customers who never tip should know better). I am lucky that my boss is hardly ever at the store, or else this might be more apparent to him. Not to mention that I can’t find it in myself to respect his inflated sense of importance in this whole charade. Also, lately I have been feeling increasingly like an annoying 16 year old boy who just discovered Anti-Flag and wants to jump on the counter and scream about the evils of capitalism, male/white privilege, class privilege, etc. every time a stupid business person acts like an entitled, disrespectful ass. Instead, I have been trying out a new technique involving dropping the “customer service nice” to people who suck, and making sure to look at them like they are really stupid every time they behave like a douchebag. It’s been fun so far.

And this is how I envision my last day going down:

Misogynist Jerkface: “Why don’t you get me a large coffee, hon?”

Me: “Oh, I’M SORRY, are we on Mad Men right now, Don Draper? Why don’t YOU go fuck yourself, Jerry?”

Barista throws apron in customer’s face, walks out with tip jar.

End scene.

Apologies for the rant. I will get back to the innocuous recipe-posting and nice things next time. Lemon out.


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