This is an appreciation post for Kate from Autostraddle

image from autostraddle

image from autostraddle

“Most of the time, my gender is cocky grins and loaded statements and the smell of leather and basalm.”

-Kate, via Autostraddle

I have an internet crush, y’all.


No it’s not, just kidding. But seriously, good writing is attractive, and you should read her stuff. A lot of her posts deal with some really terrible and difficult stuff, like body dysphoria and sexual assault, while others broach potentially uncomfortable subjects like gender identity in a way that feels comforting and challenging at the same time. While I do not identify as butch, I especially love her Butch Please column. Whether or not you have been through all of the things Kate write about, I think most queer people can probably relate to a lot of the process of questioning, discomfort, and acceptance that she speaks to in Butch Please.

I really have no intent of creating any intellectually stimulating original content in this post, I am just shoving you all in the direction of this awesome human’s work, because I think it could be helpful and insightful for a lot of people.

Here are some highlights:

Butch Please: Butch Buys a Drink

You Are Not Alone: On Being a Queer Survivor 

Butch Please: Butch Antiquated



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