Veganize Your Bagel!

In my attempts to give up on dairy over the last year, one thing I struggled with was how to solve my bagel problem. The last coffee shop I worked for was right next to a bagel shop, and every week I would come home with free bags of day old bagels. Cutting out that warm, chewy carb-fest was not an option, so in order for the bagels to stay, the cream cheese had to go. I ended up experimenting with so many vegan bagel toppings, I realized that relying solely on cream cheese was really just plain lazy. Here are my top picks for cream cheese alternatives.

1. Hummus 

 Great on everything bagels. Sun dried tomato hummus is actually a really good replacement for sun dried tomato cream cheese (my favorite).

via Vegan Epicurean

via Vegan Epicurean

2. Peanut Butter

I prefer crunchy on a whole wheat or cinnamon-raisin bagel. If you’re feeling fancy, try adding banana slices and honey or making a PBJ bagel sandwich.


via Chicks Running on Kicks

3. Guacamole

Tasty on an onion bagel and paired with black bean soup!


4. Bagel Sandwich 

Turn your bagel into a vessel for your favorite veggie burger!



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