Where to begin? (again)

Consistency is clearly not my thing. Unless consistently failing to keep up with projects counts. Allow me to present some excuses for my absence. In the many weeks since I last posted, I’ve been derbying it up in my free time by bouting, scrimmaging, practicing, and becoming one giant bruise.

Photo by Tom Schaefges

Photo by Tom Schaefges

Thanks to Netflix, Scully and Mulder have become my new bffs (Gillian Anderson, you guys. Gillian. Anderson.).

Giilian Anderson

Dana Scully, it’s your fault I’ve done nothing with my life.

And of course, I’ve been working at two crappy jobs that I hate, living at home in a town that I don’t care for, and finally making some decisions about where to go next. After having a realistic look at my money situation, I have decided that my original plans of meandering indefinitely through Western and Eastern Europe are not in my budget (not surprisingly). SO, my plan B is to do a quick 2.5ish month trip around Ireland, the UK, Germany, Denmark, and possibly the Netherlands before returning home and shipping off to New Zealand on a working holiday visa.

That’s where this blog comes in. I have been thinking about re-naming and re-focusing it to become a bit less food-centric and more focused on the travel/music/radical lifestyle aspects of my life. I will still write about vegetarianism, but I clearly haven’t been cooking lately, and my focus has shifted more to the other things. So I still feel like a garbanzo guerrilla, but I’m not sure if the name really encapsulates this project anymore. We will see. Anyway, I have so many ideas for posts, so stay tuned. I want to write a lot more about books, music, and zines in the near future. I need to finish making some travel plans, and then hopefully I will have some time to polish up a few posts I have in the works.


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