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Easy Black Bean Burger Salad

Veganize Your Bagel!

A Poor Vegetarian’s Love Affair with Aldi

Thai-inspired Veggie Stir-fry

I Like Buying Food That Other People Make For Me

When I’m Not Cooking…

Apple Pie Oatmeal

Holidaze Part 1: Thanksgiving

Fall Bounty from the Minneapolis Farmers Market

Why I Love Plan B Coffeehouse

Quick Eats

The Veggie Guide to the State Fair

Crazy Delicious Gyros at the Chicago Diner


2 responses to “Food

  1. Hi, 23,

    This is your mom’s friend Sarah, from the gymnastics website. Me and your mom were talking earlier and she told me about your blog, so i came to check it out. Just saying HI this time. I want to find time to come read more, because I have serious food issues and you seem to advocate a good diet.

    I think your mom is one of the nicest most wonderful women I’ve ever met online. You should be proud of her.


    • Thanks so much for checking it out! I hope you find my rambling semi-interesting. I certainly don’t always eat very well, but being a vegetarian and trying to eat good things that make me feel energized definitely helps me feel good about myself (I’ve had low energy problems and depression over the years), so I try to share that here.

      My mom is definitely a character, but she’s pretty great, I agree 🙂

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